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    Like many inventions and ideas, the Helmet Hook was born out of frustration. the inventor simply dropped his helmet one too many times! You can only imagine what people feel that have a $500-700 dollar helmet...

    The purpose of the Helmet Hook is to keep your helmet from falling off the bike and/or getting scratched when hanging it close to metal parts on the bike. It is also the most convenient
    location possible.

    The Helmet Hook can be mounted on handle bars with Bar End Weights or Hand Guards - The Helmet Hook is compatible with virtually every bike on the market. Street Bike, Dirt Bike, ATV, etc.

    The Helmet Hook is made from 1/4" ABS Plastic and is very strong, ready to take a small padlock if you wish.

    Note that it will fit just about any handle bars that have either some kind of hand guards or bar end weights.
    Regardless if the bar end weights screw into the handlebars with a long bolt - SHIPPED FREE WITHIN NEW ZEALAND
    NZ$ 22.50
    You never need to leave your jacket or helmet unattended, or have to sit within watching distance of your bike again!!. Lock it securely to your bike using the Helmet and Jacket Caddy.

    This Auction is for one set of 1 each "Helmet and Jacket Caddy" in matching colour (either Red - out of stock more coming soon!!!! , Green or Yellow). See details below if you want to buy an individual caddy

    The "Helmet Caddy" keeps your Full-Face helmet attached to the bike while you are away and does so by NOT using the D-Rings of the helmet, which can be easily cut-off with a knife.

    The "Jacket Caddy" is similar in design, only longer (52") to thread it through your jacket sleeve so the jacket can be locked to the bike, without having to tote it around with you

    Rated at over 900 lbs breaking strength, the cable is vinyl coated to protect painted bike surfaces and comes in vivid neon colors to show others that your equipment is "locked down". Extremely lightweight and flexible.
    NZ$ 19.50


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